(and sisters)

Mahenge Gems provides the finest coloured gemstones from Tanzania’s famed Mahenge region, East Africa and Sri Lanka. With our direct mine access and permanent presence in the Mahenge mining region, we have the first pick of the finest gemstones, straight from the mines.


At the heart of it all, the gemstone business is about the ties that bind; the relationship between miner and lapidarist, gem dealer and jeweller.

Founded by two like-minded guys who come from the most different backgrounds imaginable, Mahenge Gems’ culture is an amalgamation of the best from East and West.

Rimsan is a second generation gemstone supplier with decades of experience in coloured gemstones, in particular Sapphire, Ruby, Spinel, Garnet and Chrysoberyl. He is also a master of the mysterious mixture of art and science required to single out the finest rough stones from the heaps of very average pieces that come directly from mines.

Wez is a GIA graduate and Cultured Pearl Association of America C.P.S. with great experience in the coloured gem industry at a multiple award winning company.

We place a huge importance on ethical sourcing and making sure that everyone we interact with is treated well. Mahenge is an ethical accredited member of the International Coloured Stone Association, the first of its type in the coloured stone industry. 

This is an added assurance that all treatments and enhancements of the gemstone are fully disclosed, gems are mined responsibly and traded sustainably, not sourced using child labor, and obtained legally. We uphold this standard because we believe that the best stones aren’t just beautiful – they are also used to improve people’s lives from the ground up.

Why ‘Mahenge’? Mahenge is a small village in the Morogoro region of Tanzania, East Africa, which has become famous as one of the world’s premier sources of vibrant pink Spinel. In 2007, there was a discovery of a whopping 52 kg of the most spectacular, and now fabled, fiery pink-red Spinel roughs which were reparceled and sold to all the high jewellery maisons.

As the only Singaporean office in Mahenge itself, we’re well placed to have first pick of all of the best roughs coming from the mines in that area. Besides our office in East Africa, we also have a strong presence in Sri Lanka, one of the world’s coloured gemstone capitals. So whether you’re looking for vibrant Spinel, rich Sapphire or luscious Tsavorite, you’re in the right place.


Our Advantages


Our gemstones are processed entirely by us from mine to market, giving us full control over provenance


Our unique position and permanent presence in the region gives us the finest gems available


We offer one month returns for approved customers, no questions asked